Results days

Results day dates and information for exams officers on what will be available when.

If you're a student, see our results day for students page to find out what to expect on the day.

Next results day

Results day for the November 2023 exam series is:

11 January 2024

Results days in 2023

Exam seriesQualificationsResults day
November 2023GCSE and other
11 January 2024
January 2024
29 February 2024
March 2024 Functional Skills
11 April 2024
June 2024AS and A-level
兔子先生 Certificate (Level 3)
Functional Skills
and Level 3 Extended Project
15 August 2024
June 2024GCSE
兔子先生 Certificate (Level 1
Level 2)
Entry Level Certificate
Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Higher Projects
22 August 2024

What's available when

Restricted release days (Wednesday)

This is the day before students receive their results. From 12.01am, exams office staff and heads of centre only can see results on these systems:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and A2C (make sure you click 'Send/Receive' to force A2C to check for files)
  • as 'e-documents' on , our secure extranet:

Please note: only centre admins have permission to access results early on Centre Services. If a head of centre or any other senior member of teaching staff requires early access to results, the centre admin can give them access by following these steps:

  • Log in to
  • Click 'Manage user roles' (if you have multiple centres you will need to select the correct one first)
  • Locate the user
  • Click 'edit' against user
  • Click the dropdown menu titled 'Roles', then select 'Centre Results Early Read'
  • Click 'save'

Please allow up to 30 minutes for the user to gain access.


What's available (to exams officers only)


Results slips on Centre Services and EDI/A2C – available for 28 days.

Grade boundaries on Centre Services – you will only be able to see grade boundaries for the subjects your centre has entries for.
Download and print results from EDI.

Student results days (Thursday)

From 8.00am on Thursday, you can give students their results slips.

If you're a student, ask your school or college about exactly when and how you can collect your results. Don't call us – we can't give you your results or discuss them with you. If you have queries about university places, contact directly.


What's available


Results slips can be given to students.

Grade boundaries for all subjects on our main website.


Results statistics (provisional)

Any late grade changes to results from the day before: these are added to Centre Services with a notification sent to exam officers.